Chin Straps

Are you a mouth breather at heart? Do you have a deviated septum? Small nostrils? Maybe you have trouble breathing through your mouth instead of your nose the way we are meant to normally breathe? A full face mask may not be an option for you otherwise you'll come away looking like Darth Vader so a Chinstrap is always a nice option if you insist on using a standard Nasal/Nasal Pillow Mask.

CPAP chin straps allow for you to hold your mouth closed and jaw in place while undergoing sleep apnea therapy treatment. Reducing leaks and helping to improve the overall effectiveness of your CPAP mask, these chin straps for CPAP are designed to not interfere with the headgear of your mask and are a perfect complement to CPAP therapy. Check out our great selection of the CPAP chin straps for sleep apnea below.

A Full Face Mask user doesn't need to use a chinstrap as the seal generally covers the would be troubled area which is the mouth. As it covers the mouth any leakage will be prevented which is something a Nasal/Nasal Pillow mask cannot do

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