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The very small and lightweight Z1 Auto Travel CPAP Machine can be added to carry on luggage or a tote making CPAP therapy more easily added to a busy lifestyle. Activities away from electricity can be a reality by adding the OPTIONAL lightweight, integrated battery system. This is an auto adjusting CPAP machine designed to deliver the most effective level of air pressure on a breath by breath basis all night long. The Z1 Auto can be set as a single pressure CPAP if desired.


  • Small & Discreet for Travel
  • Built-in Bluetooth for Nitelog App
  • Advanced Sleep Data Reporting
  • Z-Breathe Pressure Relief
  • Auto Altitude Adjusting
  • Leak Compensation
  • Ramp Feature Available
  • Quiet 26dBA Operation
  • OPTIONAL Integrated Battery

Small & Discreet for Travel

The Z1 Auto machine is designed for use on the go or staying at home. It easily fits into a backpack for camping and hiking or into a carry on bag for travel. The unique design more closely resembles an electric razor than a CPAP machine. The small footprint of the machine takes up little room on the bedside table. The machine has small rubber feet on the base to help stabilize the unit. The Z1 Auto weighs in at 10 ounces and measures 6.48 inches long x 3.3 inches wide x 2.02 inches high.

Nitelog App and Data Reporting

The Z1 Auto has a built-in Bluetooth chip used to wirelessly connect to a nearby smartphone or tablet using the free Nitelog app. This machine transmits usage data to the phone or pad for review using the application. Nitelog will allow the user to adjust basic machine settings such as Z-Breathe and ramp. Nitelog compiles the reports for the past day, week or 30 days of use. The report can be emailed from the smartphone or tablet, or screen shots can be snapped and stored to the memory of the phone or pad. The Z1 functions can be performed on the Z1 machine without the use of Nitelog.

  • Using Nitelog: Download the Nitelog App from The App Store or Play Store to a smartphone or tablet (NOT included with purchase).
    • Turning Bluetooth ON:
      1. Unplug the power adapter from the machine.
      2. Plug the power adapter back into the Z1 and immediately hold the Up Arrow Button.
      3. When Bluetooth has been turned on, the display above the pressure indicator shows “bt-On”.
      4. The Bluetooth function recognizes and syncs with the Nitelog App on the nearby phone or tablet.
    • Turning Bluetooth OFF:
      1. The Z1 machine can be set to NOT transmit data by using Airplane Mode.
      2. To turn off the Bluetooth, unplug the power supply from the back of the machine.
      3. Plug the power supply back on and immediately hold the Down Arrow Button.
      4. The display shows “bt-OFF” when Bluetooth is not activated.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: The Z1 Auto’s default firmware is compatible with iPhone and iPad only. The newest firmware can be downloaded and installed on the Z1 Auto to make it compatible with newer Android devices. See instructions below for steps to add the new firmware version.

  • Nitelog Data Report includes:
    • AH Count (Apnea Hypopnea Count)
    • AH Index or AHI (Apnea Hypopnea Index)
    • Usage Hours
    • Leaks
    • Average Pressure

Specifications & Description

 Machine TypeAuto CPAP
 Brand/Manufacturer:Human Design Medical
 Weight:.63 lbs
 Dimensions:6.48″ L x 2.02″ H x 3.3″ W
 Noise Level≤26 dBA
 Data CardYes
 Software AvailableYes
 Ramp0-45 Minutes
Exhaulation ReliefZBreathe
 Pressure Range 4-20 cm/H2O
 Altitude Adjustment Automatic
110 VoltageYes
220 VoltageYes
Intergrated BatteryYes
Mask OFf AlertNO
Inlude In BoxZ1 Auto CPAP,AC Power Supply, 1 HME (Humidification Moisture Exchangers, operation manual, filter, 4′ slimline tubing
Product Condition New

RX. Required


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