ICON Premo CPAP Machine with Built-In Heated Humidifier and ThermoSmart HT

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Product Features

The ICON Premo CPAP Machine with Built-In Heated Humidifier and ThermoSmart Heated Hosecomes with a built-in heated humidifier and ThermoSmart Technology. The ICON Premo elevates the standard CPAP platform and includes a ThermoSmart Heated Hose to deliver condensation-free humidification at the touch of a button.



  • Humidification with ThermoSmart Heated Hose
  • Efficacy Reporting (AHI and Leak)
  • Auto Altitude Adjustment
  • Leak Compensation
  • Advanced Software Reporting


Humidification with ThermoSmart Heated Hose

Under normal circumstances the air you breathe is naturally heated as it travels through your nasal passages. CPAP therapy works against this natural humidification. CPAP airflow drys the nasal passages and can lead to congestion and mouth breathing. Typical heated CPAP humidification helps re-saturate therapy air, but effectiveness is restricted by ambient temperatures. As the room cools, most humidifiers cannot keep relative humidity levels at the mask, usually resulting in condensation forming in the CPAP hose. ThermoSmart Technology delivers custom levels of high humidity that are maintained throughout the night, regardless of ambient temperature. The ICON uses sensors that track ambient room temperature to reduce condensation.

To maximize the ICON’s capabilities, Fisher and Paykel includes a heated breathing tube that works in conjunction with ThermoSmart Technology. This heated CPAP hose contains copper coils embedded in tubing and is 76.5 inches in length. These coils conduct heat and can provide a constant temperature throughout the hose. The included ThermoSmart breathing tube virtually eliminates rain-out and condensation in a CPAP hose.

Impact of ThermoSmart and Heated Tubing

Comparative Study of Humidification Effectiveness

As an added benefit, ThermoSmart can also help lower overall therapy pressures. As higher levels of humidity start to relieve swelling within your nasal passages, resistance to therapy pressures can decrease and lower levels of therapy may become effective.

Effects of Humidification on Titration Pressures

SmartDial, Alarm Clock, and AlarmTunes

The compact design and clock functionality makes the Fisher and Paykel ICON an ideal substitute for the bedside night stand. The ICON incorporates a single SmartDial that uses a “Press-Turn-Press” principle. Turn the dial to access efficacy data from the display or set the built-in alarm clock and music playing ability with the AlarmTunes function. Use the SmartStick Studio software to upload your songs and have the ICON’s alarm start your morning with music!

InfoSmart and SmartStick

Track your therapy effectiveness with the optional InfoSmart and the SmartStick. The software offers detailed reporting including data regarding compliance, AHI, leak and pressure readings. SmartStick Technology is a unique memory card that connects directly to a USB drive, without a separate card reader. The SmartStick is used to easily transfer data from your CPAP to Fisher and Paykel InfoSmart Software.

Ramp Feature

Ramp is a comfort feature which gives the user time to fall asleep. It starts the air flow at a pressure lower than the machine pressure setting. Activate the Icon Premo ramp by pushing in and holding the SmartDial button for 3 seconds when the machine is blowing air. The length of the ramp is 20 minutes. The ramp pressure will start at 4 cmwp or 1/3 of the prescribed pressure, whichever one is greater. PLEASE NOTE: The length of the ramp and the starting pressure of the ramp cannot be changed.

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