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A Leading Alternative Among Face Masks

Non-Conventional CPAP Mask

Occasionally, patients with sleep apnea are unable to wear traditional CPAP face masks due to obstructive facial hair, dentures, facial irregularities, claustrophobia or other issues. The FitLife Total Face CPAP Mask with Headgear by Respironics functions as an effective alternative to traditional masks for such people. If you find yourself unable to use a conventional CPAP face mask, the Total Face FitLife CPAP mask allows you to receive high quality therapy with minimal discomfort.

Functional, Effective and Comfortable

An exquisite design and a plethora of impressive features. The large surface area of the FitLife mask guarantees minimal irritation; though it is placed over your entire face, users maintain a relatively clear line of vision. Moreover, the perimeter seal contains silicon cushion which simultaneously promotes greater stability and comfort.

FitLifeFull Face Mask with Headgear Features

  • Extra large size (product no. 1089991)
  • Large surface area ensure low irritation and relatively clear line of sight
  • Avoid skin irritation and allergic reactions with latex-free design
  • Radial diffusion ports release exhaled air quietly and also steer air away from your bed partner
  • Unique swivel design makes more tubing movement possible
  • Silicon cushion installed along perimeter seal produces maximum convenience
  • Snap clips make fitting and adjustment considerably easier
  • EZ Peel makes headgear removal easier and also aids with adjustment

Specifications & Description

 Small, Large and X-Large
  Included In Box
 Cpap Mask, Instructions and Headgear
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 Cushion Type

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