DreamStation Auto CPAP

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An Innovative Design

This is the new dream machine with modern design and new features that help you obtain a good night’s sleep. The DreamStation CPAP enhanced auto function provides effective sleep therapy by delivering pressure requirements automatically. Its intuitive color LCD display is clear and easy to read. Less medical appearance, more revolutionized features that meet your needs to achieve a successful sleep apnea treatment.

Humidification is necessary

The DreamStation Respironics Auto CPAP is small enough to take it with you while traveling the world. The fixed, adaptive humidifier with heated tube prevents having dry mouth and nose, and moisture in your mask. The flexible, standard tube works well with lighter masks. When not using the humidifier, the heated tube is attached to the device and does not produce heat. When the Humidifier is in fixed mode, it delivers heat with the same, constant pre-selected temperature during the night, and in adaptive mode, it delivers optimum humidity.

DreamStation CPAP features include EZStart, Built-in Bluetooth, SmartRamp, Opti-Start, and more.


The Opti Start on this Dreamstation Auto CPAP checks and monitors your average pressure from previous night and starts your therapy at this pressure.


New users will find it easy to fall asleep to lower pressures than standard ramp mode. SmartRamp automatically responds with Respironics patented auto algorithm to resolve the user’s apneas.

CPAP-Check Every 30 Hours

If pressure is not optimal CPAP-Check will automatically adjust the pressure to meet your needs.


Automatic pressure adjustments help CPAP users to adapt to their prescribed level of therapy.


Standard built-in Bluetooth and optional Wi-Fi/Cellular modems keep you active in managing your therapy data. The DreamStation Respironics Auto CPAP can be paired with an IOS or Android device, connected to DreamMapper App.

Specifications & Description

 Machine Type
Philips Respironics
2.2 lbs
6.18 L x 7.6 W x 3.3 H inches
With Humidifier: 11.7 L x 7.6 W x 3.3 H inches
 Noise Level
Less than 30 db
 Data Card
 Software Available
0-45 Min. with SmartRamp
 Exhaulation Relief
 Pressure Range
 4-20 cm/H2O
 Altitude Adjustment
Heated Humidifier
Passover Cool Humidifier 
110 Voltage
220 Voltage
Can Use A Battery
Intergrated Battery
Mask OFf Alert
Inlude In Box
SD card
User manual
Flexible tubing
Carrying case
Reusable blue pollen filter
Power cord
Disposable light-blue ultra-fine filter (optional)
Power supply
Humidifer (optional)
Product Condition 

Rx Required.


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