Cushion for Simplus Full Face Mask

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Product Overview

Replacement Cushion for Simplus Full Face CPAP Mask

Cushion Features Rolling Technique for Prime Seal

This is a replacement cushion specifically made for the Simplus Full Face CPAP mask. The mask is available in three sizes and is produced by Fisher & Paykel. The standout feature of this cushion is the auto-adjusting seal the cushion creates on the bridge of the nose. This "RollFit" feature boasts a comfortable seal that eases facial pressure and reduces leakage.

RollFit Feature

What makes this cushion stand out is the RollFit feature. On the nasal bridge, the cushion creates a self-correcting seal that automatically adjusts to fluctuating facial movements. This helps maintain a strong seal while minimizing leaks.

Various Sizes

The cushion is available in three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large.


  • RollFit Feature

  • Three Sizes

  • Holds Seal

  • Reduces Facial Pressure


(No reviews yet) Write a Review