CPAP Masks

We carry an extensive selection of CPAP masks for personalized therapy. This is a direct result from our experience knowing not all CPAP users are alike, just as each CPAP mask fits differently from user to user.

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A CPAP Mask is one of the most important components to treat CPAP therapy. CPAP Masks for sleep apnea are available in three different styles: Full Face, Nasal, or Nasal Pillow. Depending on the patient and the way they sleep or by pure preference it is essential to find the proper mask that best fits you. Having a good comfortable fit enables better compliance and increased acceptance of CPAP therapy.

Cushions are used to seal in air flow and to prevent leakage. The CPAP mask is secured to the patient by a headgear which attaches to clips found on different parts of the mask.
To help you find a perfect sleep apnea mask that is right for you, it is important to understand what the different style of CPAP mask interfaces there are.


Nasal CPAP Masks– This is the standard and most popular style upon users. This mask type covers only the nose during therapy, and leaving your month uncovered. Using a silicone or gel cushion to surround your nose and a continuous positive airway pressure is delivered through the nostrils while you sleep. Most patients who use this type of CPAP sleep apnea nasal masks find it be the easiest and most comfortable.

Nasal Pillow Masks– By using small silicone pillows that insert into the nostrils, these are the smallest types of masks available and have the least amount of contact with the face due to their design. Most users who prefer to use these sleep apnea nasal pillows masks choose them because of their size, and because they do not cover the mouth.

Full Face CPAP Masks– Just as it sounds, the full face CPAP mask covers the entire face of the patient which of course includes the nose and mouth at the same time. These types of CPAP masks are perfect for people who breathe through their mouth. Gaining more popularity by users because of the better fit you will receive.

Oral CPAP Masks– This type of interface is popular for those who breathe through their months and who can not or choose not to sleep with a chin strap around their head holding their month closed. The oral mask covers only the patient’s mouth and no interface to the nostrils

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